NetsAcademy - for the next generation of Netstars!

The NetsAcademy is the exciting next step up for netballers in years 7-11. Led by our highly experienced coaches, NetsAcademy aims to fulfil the potential of each of our players through intensive fitness training, skills and drills and competitive matches.

We want to nurture each individual's talent and to offer our players fun and challenging matches in the local leagues, leagues which we plan to top! When they graduate from NetsAcademy, our players will be ready and confident to take that next step whatever that may be…playing at school, for the county and even beyond. We want to make everything possible for our girls!

As we all know, these years are an important but often difficult time for our girls. Many give up sport when they enter senior school, often daunted by the competition. But this is the time when our girls most need a team sport such as netball. We all know the benefits of cardio-physical activity on stress levels, sleep patterns and self esteem, but playing in a team also brings a powerful sense of comradeship and support. Being fit and strong boosts body confidence, a confidence so important at a time when so many girls can feel uncertain.