Why Netstars?

Netball is a great way to get fit and stay healthy. It uses all the muscle groups and involves a lot of running about! Recent studies have shown how netball and team sports boost self esteem, help sleep and even help children's with learning at school, increasing concentration and strategic thinking skills.

Netstars classes create a fun, motivating and safe environment for children to learn the joys of netball. We want to encourage each child to learn new skills, build their confidence, make new friends and hopefully develop a lifelong love of netball while having lots of laughs on the way.

Kids want to have fun!

Each class is a mixture of fun activities and an actual game. Children are mixed up throughout the lesson which gives them the chance to meet loads of new friends as well as play with existing friends.

Of course we encourage competition as this is an important element of teamsports but even more importantly we encourage sportsmanship. We want all Netstars players to play fairly and be gracious both in victory and defeat. With this in mind, we have our 'Netstar of the Week' trophy which we give to the player who we think has best shown these attributes in class.

Class levels

​Gear Up

This level is aimed at children who are new to netball or who have some netball experience. Classes will focus on learning and perfecting those basic skills so that the children can play games with assurance and ability.

Yrs 2, 3 & 4 but older children welcome too.

​Aim Higher

This level is aimed at children with a good experience of playing netball. Classes will re-emphasise basic skills while also building on tactics and more advanced techniques to improve and enhance competitive match play and confidence.

Yrs 5, 6 & 7

If you are unsure about your child's level do give us a call. 

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Classes in Richmond, Battersea and Twickenham - see timetable for details.

Qualified coaches

All our coaches are qualified to teach netball and have been chosen for their fun, 'can do' attitude, their passion for netball and their skills in working with children.

All coaches and players are insured through England Netball (further details in our Terms and Conditions).

All round learning

Half of the lesson is dedicated to fun activities during which the children hone their existing skills and learn new ones.

During netball games, children rotate positions to ensure that they are confident in a number of positions and no child is 'pigeon holed' from an early stage.

Finally, we don't grade children within their class nor enter 'the best' into external tournaments. We don't think this is helpful at this early stage in a player's netball career and can put children off if they don't think they are 'meeting the grade'.