Netstars Netball Rules

Our rules for Netstars, NetsAcademy and Netbelles players...

We want to ensure that everyone has fun, respects other players and above all is safe. So we have Netstars Netball Rules, which follow the England Netball code of conduct for players. Please make sure that you and your child understand the Netstars Rules. We reserve the right at all times to ask someone to stop playing if they are violating the Netstars Rules and ultimately may request withdrawal from Netstars Netball if there is persistent breach of the rules.

As a player for Netstars Netball I agree to the following:

  • I will play within the rules and respect the coach or umpire's decisions.
  • I will respect all other netball players, regardless of age, gender, race or ability.
  • ​I will be respectful to coaches, officials and volunteers for the time they give to my sport.
  • ​​​I will respect and never underestimate my opponents and not try to gain an unfair advantage over them.
  • I will encourage and support my fellow team members at all times without behaving in an unsporting way towards our opponents.
  • I will always do my best in every situation.
  • I will accept success and take victory and defeat equally.
  • Win or lose, I will try to enjoy every moment on court.
  • I will not use bad or inappropriate language.
  • I will be punctual at all times for classes and be ready and prepared with all the right kit.
  • I will always inform the coach of any injury or medical condition which may affect my playing.
  • I will take responsibility for myself in and out of netball classes.